Who Am I?

I'm Joe! I am a fullstack web developer based in San Francisco. I use the MERN stack with an emphasis on frontend.

On the side, I have a passion for creating user experiences that are surprising, surreal, and otherwordly. Although not always very practical, pushing the limits of the medium of web development makes me and the web itself better.

Other areas of personal interest are funk trombone, antiquated anthropology, and dad jokes.

Core Technologies:

Frontend: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, ES6, jQuery, jQuery-UI, React, Redux, React Native, Handlebars, Jade/Pug, Bootstrap, Materialize, Canvas

Backend: Node.Js, Express, MongoDB, RESTful API’s, Socket.io, Python, Flask

Tools: Git, Github, Slack

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We're going to go on an insane adventure! On the way I am going to show you the products I've shipped, and what I learned making them.

We are in the land of all possibility. We all start off here. Everything starts as a blank white page. But with a little imagination…

Skill Tree

Speech: 10

With a text editor, a bit of Javascript, and some stylesheets, we can create the most wonderful stories and user experiences!

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Technologies Used:

  • handlebars
  • CSS 3
  • Jquery
  • Jquery UI
  • Node JS
  • Express
  • MongoDB
  • Socket.io
  • Description

    DigiFridge is the ultimate hipster hub for keeping track of things and communicating with co-workers.

    Personal Fridges

    This is your personal fridge. Have fun with it, and send magnets to your FridgeFriends to communicate back and forth. You can create magnets for your fridge, and you can also click and drag them around your fridge. Send magnets to community fridges you are a part of.

    Community Fridges

    This fridge is accessable by everyone in a user created community. Perfect for co-workers and teams to share a fridge. Communities can send magnets to personal fridges of team members and other community fridges that choose to associate with each other.

    The Mother Fridge

    This is accessible by everyone. It is the mother of all fridges. Everyone can put things on the mother fridge. Everyone can take things out of the mother fridge. The mother fridge is cleaned out regularly.

    How To Use

    Bob says to Bill, "Hey Bill, when you get back from Lunch can you swing by my desk?" Bill says to Bob, "Sure, put that on my Fridge so I'll remember about it when I get back." Bob says "Sure thing Bill."

    Challanges Faced/Extra Notes

    Getting DigiFridge to work on mobile proved to be a difficult challange to solve. Jquery UI does not work on mobile on it's own, so I had to use another library, and then work form there.

    I had to take a couple of open sourced solutions for mobile use.

    Making everything sync up in real time was a hard issue to face. Socket.io solved this extremely well!

    I encourage pulling up a version on your desktop and your phone, and watching things move in real time across devices.



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    Technologies Used:

  • NodeJS
  • Express
  • MongoDB
  • Mongoose
  • Heroku
  • Handlebars
  • Jquery
  • Jquery UI
  • Javascript
  • HTML 5
  • CSS3
  • Description

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    Currently signing up is invite only. We reach out to communities around California and recruit a small number of interested students.

    Customize Account

    Use the profile builder to customize your account, and select one of the tracks that best fits you. From there students are assigned teachers.


    Before accessing your first session you'll be asked to install a few tools and confirm you have them. Sessions are done with Google Hangouts and Google Remote Desktop. From your Student Dashboard you can view your next session, and join your session when it's time.


    Once your Session is over your teacher will write a report. These reports are usually weekly, but teachers can make use of them however they see fit. Students should check their reports page weekly.


    You can schedule more time with your teacher and you can reschedule right from your student Dashboard.


    Codingforkids has great built in tools and functionality for Teachers and Instructors tutoring students in any subject.

    Keep track of students

    Teachers have a full list of their students with all their relevent information.

    Administrative Tools

    Update your student's sessions live. Send prompts right to students dashboards.

    Challanges Faced/Extra Notes

    The dashboard was a lot of fun to make.

    I really got to show off some of my frontend skills building the different components of the User Interface.

    Getting comments to work on reports/assignments was tricky to do without being DRY.

    The site is fully functional on Mobile.


    The Universe is HUGE!


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